Drew Sheehan of FTI Consulting’s Data & Analytics practice reviews the role of this relatively new position that is becoming critical in our data-driven business world.

Today’s organizations have a veritable ocean of data at their disposal. Data is a resource that can either drown companies that struggle to manage it or, if leveraged strategically, provide actionable insights and unearth unique business advantages.

Managing big data is a primary reason for the explosion of in-house data teams. Some of the roles are well established, including data architects, data engineers and project managers. Other positions are relatively new, like machine teachers and data hygienists. One thing these professionals tend to have in common is a data science background.

Among the new positions is the analytics translator, a role that has only emerged in the past few years. The translator’s primary responsibilities are to democratize, interpret and analyze data for organizations, with the ultimate goal of helping them achieve real business transformation and manage the ocean of data to make better-informed and
data-driven business decisions.

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