Bewertungsaspekte bei Tribunalentscheidungen

Im Blickpunkt: Internationale Investitionsschiedsverfahren im DACH-Raum – Teil 2 Häufig diskutierte Themen in den ICSID-Entscheidungen Unsere Analyse des International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes der Weltbank („ICSID“) zeigt, dass häufig diskutierte Themen im Zusammenhang mit der Schadensermittlung die Bewertungsmethode und den Bewertungsstichtag sowie die Höhe der Kapitalkosten und die vorprozessualen Zinsen (Pre-Award-Interest) betreffen. Nachfolgend […]

Worauf es bei Tribunalentscheidungen ankommt

Im Blickpunkt: Internationale Investitionsschiedsverfahren im DACH-Raum – Teil 1 Das International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes der Weltbank (ICSID) ist eine führende Institution für die Streitbeilegung im Rahmen von Investitionsschiedsverfahren. ICSID veröffentlicht Entscheidungen mit oftmals detaillierten Angaben zu den Methoden und Annahmen, die der Schadensbemessung zugrunde liegen. Dieser Beitrag wertet diese ICSID-Entscheidungen aus. Die […]

Définition de la régulation du secteur de l’électricité en Côte d’Ivoire

Le 1er janvier 2021, une nouvelle convention entre la République de Côte d’Ivoire et l’opérateur privé du secteur électrique CIE (Compagnie Ivoirienne d’Electricité) est entrée en vigueur pour une durée de 12 ans, établissant l’un des premiers régimes régulatoires incitatifs en Afrique. FTI Consulting a conseillé le Gouvernement ivoirien sur les aspects économiques et financiers […]

Business Interruption Insurance in the COVID-19 Era

What are the key challenges for insurance companies in responding to the outcome of the FCA’s COVID-19 business interruption insurance test case? FTI Consulting’s Romy Comiter and Najia Mukhtar explore in the latest issue of Risk & Compliance magazine. This article has been reprinted with kind permission from Risk & Compliance magazine.

Looking at your compliance programme through the eyes of a prosecutor

What steps should companies take to ensure their compliance programme stands up to regulatory scrutiny? FTI Consulting’s Julian Glass and Katherine Gillespie share their insights in the latest issue of Risk & Compliance magazine together with Ali Kirby-Harris and Ben Morgan of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer. This article has been reprinted with kind permission from Risk […]

The benefits, risks and limitations of lifestyle audits

The ‘lifestyle audit’ is a buzzword on the South African anti-corruption agenda. In 2018, incumbent president Cyril Ramaphosa called for lifestyle audits on people in positions of responsibility. Some state employees, including members of the Western Cape cabinet and South Africa’s national power company Eskom, have already been subjected to lifestyle audits. The South African […]

Are audit clauses fit for purpose?

Audit clauses provide a mechanism through which software publishers protect the use of billions of dollars of intellectual property and ensure that their customers comply with the terms on which software is licensed to them. They are surprisingly brief. The software compliance business has grown enormously since the mid-1990s. Thousands of audits take place every […]

The case for a code of conduct for software licence audits

Almost all software licenses include a provision for the audit of a customer by the vendor to check whether usage complies with the rights acquired.  Globally, there are thousands of such audits every year, conducted by vendors and by third parties on their behalf and billions of dollars change hands as a result. Customers dislike […]

Draft for Discussion: Software License Audits: Code of Conduct

Each year, there are thousands of software audits executed worldwide by vendors and their designated third-party auditors, but no consistent approach to the conduct of these audits. There is significant variation between vendors on all aspects of the software audit process, making it difficult for a customer to develop a consistent approach to managing what […]

Strengthening Cyber Resilience in the Wake of the Pandemic in South Africa

Recent data from FTI  Consulting’s 2021 Resilience  Barometer—which draws on  insights from business  professionals in South Africa  and globally regarding the  major commercial,  technological, reputational  and legal challenges of the  last year—confirmed that this  increase in risk has not been  adequately addressed by most  corporations in South Africa Cybersecurity remains a significant concern for businesses […]

Effective whistleblower programmes and their impact on ethics, conduct and culture

In Risk & Compliance magazine’s latest expert forum, FTI Consulting’s Wayne Anthony and Piers Rake discuss the importance of whistleblower programmes and how to ensure whistleblower confidentiality while conducting an effective investigation with Novartis’ Robert Sikellis and Withers’ Meriel Schindler and James Hockin. R&C: Could you explain why having a whistleblower programme has become so […]

Defining an equitable view of the workplace for women – South Africa

The Coronavirus pandemic presents an opportunity to redefine our workplaces to better reflect the diversity of our society. When activist Emmeline Pankhurst shackled herself to the railings over one hundred years ago, she was fighting a cause to give women equal relevance. As war struck, she made her fight for women relevant to the greater […]

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