Q&A: Javier García-Chappell Discusses M&A and Litigation Trends and FTI’s Growing Presence in Spain

Senior Director Javier García-Chappell joined FTI Technology’s EMEA team late last year, with the focus of expanding the segment’s presence in Iberia. With nearly two decades of experience assisting clients with digital forensics investigations, cyber incident and response cases, e-discovery, data review, investigations, IP disputes and fraud matters, he brings a dynamic background to the […]

Demystifying Cryptocurrencies in a World of Financial Crime

The narrative surrounding cryptocurrencies tends to be rather unscientific—even emotional, at times. On one hand, to supporters, cryptocurrencies are a revolutionary and anarchic tool that challenge the centralised power of governments and the monopoly of mainstream financial institutions. The general public, on the other hand, all too often seem to embrace the rather unqualified perception […]

When Employees Work from Home, Compliance Culture Requires Extra Care

The last two months have given businesses many new issues to consider and practices to re-examine. Alongside introducing unexpected risks, the sudden shift to working from home has disrupted corporate culture, and more specifically, culture as it relates to compliance and privacy practices. The global privacy legislation landscape is complex and has borne a great […]

In the Midst of Significant Change, E-Discovery Providers Need Agility and Foresight

Collaboration and new forms of communication are steadily gaining on traditional channels. Worldwide revenue for this market reached more than US$38 million last year, and is growing more than 15 percent year-over-year in EMEA. In an e-discovery context, this increasing adoption of collaboration applications and tools—including Microsoft Teams and OneNote, Slack, Telegram, Zoom, etc.—is a […]

Q&A: Renato Fazzone Discusses Expanding Footprint and Client Service in Germany

The recent appointment of Renato Fazzone as Senior Managing Director and Germany Head of Technology established our permanent presence in the German market for our Technology practice. Backed by more than 15 years working in e-discovery and litigation support, as well as advising clients on corporate fraud and antitrust matters, Renato is eager to expand […]

Managing Your Software Assets in the New World of COVID-19

Life endures even in the most difficult situations—and it adapts and evolves to meet new challenges. Now, as we watch, and fight back against the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, we are arriving at the very edge of an evolution, a new future, a new workspace model that tackles today’s limitations. With COVID-19 leading to lockdowns, […]

COVID-19: The Call for Personal Data Hygiene

Coronavirus is everywhere, figuratively and literally. It has overtaken our news, social feeds, and nearly every message and exchange. We’re getting a glaring reminder of the importance of strong personal hygiene (wash your hands!). But what about information hygiene? Beyond the devastating impacts on health infrastructure, human life and the economy, this crisis is also […]

GDPR Compliance – The Unintended Consequences For Organisations

GDPR has made data protection a reality not only for heavily regulated industries but for all organisations.  Once seen purely as a legislative burden, GDPR compliance is now providing organisations with a range of benefits. The complexity of data means that today data protection requires collaboration between business, legal, IT, Information Security and DPOs, rather […]

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