Energising Africa: How the continent can chart a low emissions, high growth path

Around the world, the urgency of mitigating climate change is growing, with an increasing focus on lowering CO2 emissions and reducing the impact of development on the environment. Nowhere is this more critical than in Africa, which has one of the world’s fastest-growing populations, high levels of poverty, inequality and will be disproportionately impacted by […]


Comment les groupes du CAC40 utilisent les réseaux sociaux pour leur communication financière ?

WA Initiative: 2019 WA Arbitration Report

The WA Arbitration Initiative, together with Francis Burt Chambers, FTI Consulting and ICC Australia, is pleased to present the results of the inaugural WA Arbitration Survey. The Survey was conducted at the end of 2018 to interrogate the nature and extent of arbitration activity with a WA connection in the 2017/2018 financial year. The results […]

Crypto currency laws on the horizon

Blockchain technology and crypto currencies have been around for a decade. However, hype amongst users, its high volatility and speculation by a broader range of investors has attracted increasing regulatory attention. Efforts have not been uniform. In some countries, authorities have been introducing a swathe of new measures to try and impose a new rule […]

Overview of developments on Crypto-regulation in the EU and the US

Further to FTI recent snapshot introducing Future regulation of crypto currencies in the United States and the European Union, FTI Consulting provides an overview of the relevant legislative and non-legislative activities by European institutions and agencies, as well as the United States Federal and States level. The special focus on the EU side is given […]

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