Forensic Risk & Investigations

Dealing with fraud, corruption or staff misconduct can be a daunting task with serious financial and reputational risks for organisations. Geoff Peck discusses how our specialist investigations team can help you prevent, detect and respond to organisational problems caused by human misbehaviour.

Gráinne Bryan on FTI Technology in Ireland

In this interview, Chris Dale of The eDisclosure information Project spoke with FTI Consulting’s Grainne Bryan to discuss her role in Dublin and the addition of FTI’s Technology segment to FTI’s growing Irish establishment, part of a wider organisation which brings together technology skills in Madrid, France, Germany and South Africa. Her role is to […]

FTI Consulting’s specialist valuations team can help you identify and understand the value of different assets for a range of commercial purposes.

Valuations Services

Valuations are needed for three key purposes – regulatory compliance, in transactions and for dispute resolution. In this short video, John-Henry Eversgerd and Fiona Hansen discuss how FTI Consulting’s specialist valuations team can help you identify and understand the value of different assets for a range of commercial purposes.

South Africa Lockdown

FTI Consulting’s South Africa leadership team share their appreciation with the practice for remaining resilient and supportive during the South African COVID-19 lockdown.

FTI Consulting South Africa supporting young South African entrepreneurs

A multi-skilled team of 13 professionals from FTI Consulting South Africa supported 4 young township-based entrepreneurs located in the KwaThema Township in the East of Johannesburg, through a two-day business skills workshop aimed at promoting economic growth and reducing poverty by building Small, Medium & Micro Enterprise Businesses (SMMEs). The businesses included a new cyber […]

FTI Consulting - Follow-the-sun consulting - E-Discovery - Image

Follow-the-sun consulting – E-Discovery

Follow the sun consulting is a round-the-clock service we offer clients on e-discovery matters. Using this approach, we can draw on FTI Consulting’s global resources to provide 24/7 support virtually anywhere in the world to keep a matter moving – whether it’s day or night! For cross-border matters, our global experts can also assist with […]

FTI Consulting - What is Predictive Coding? - Cover

What is Predictive coding?

Predictive coding or Technology Assisted Review (TAR), as it’s often called, is artificial intelligence applied to document review. It helps automate the review process by the system identifying documents most likely to be relevant.  In this short video, Chris Russell explains how Predictive Coding ensures a more efficient review by helping you find the relevant […]

FTI Consulting - Gaining back control - Managing data risks - Image

Gaining back control – Managing data risks

In today’s dynamic corporate environment, enterprise data has many different uses and forms. All are important. All pose risks and opportunities for your organisation. The movement of data to the cloud, increased usage of mobile devices and the maturity of global privacy laws means organisations are experiencing a lack of control over their electronic data. […]

FTI Consulting - FSG Australia - Case Study - Image

How FTI Consulting helped FSG Australia?

When not-for-profit FSG Australia knew they would have difficulties providing ongoing adequate critical client services, they chose to seek help from FTI Consulting. In this video, Joanne Dunn discusses what led to their failure, the complexities surrounding the voluntary administration process and how our team worked together to ensure continuity of care for FSG Australia’s […]

FTI Consulting - Understanding the Risk of Too Much Data - Image

Friend, Foe or Frenemy: Understanding the Risk of Too Much Data

FTI Consulting’s European Information Governance Leader Sonia Cheng looks towards 2020 and talks about some key issues and topics in information governance and data privacy. These include the core ingredients to make an information governance programme successful, the emerging risk areas that corporations are facing and how technology can help modernise data compliance initiatives. This […]

Destination: safe harbour

The Australian safe harbour legislation came into effect in September 2017. The objective of safe harbour is to promote entrepreneurialism and foster a turnaround culture to save businesses, rather than allow them to fail. In this video Joseph Hansell talks about the reality of its use, who is leveraging it and how FTI Consulting can […]

Retail advisory services in Australia

Today’s retail environment is proving the most difficult yet. Disruption is the new norm, technology is a key enabler and the speed of change is increasing exponentially. We help retailers find and retain value across four areas; product, operations, financial strength and event support. We work with retailers to help them bridge the capability gap, […]

Disputes advisory services

Lawyers and their clients now expect a higher level of independent, robust analysis. Our Disputes team synthesises financial, competitive and industry information to help clients unravel challenging financial and economic issues in commercial disputes. Our experienced team provides valuable insight and clarity, helping clients during every stage of a contested matter, from early case assessment […]

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