Virtual Shareholder Meetings

Virtual shareholder meetings, including Annual General Meetings, are becoming increasingly popular and often necessary for Australian companies. Available options are generally limited to costly outsourced fully integrated voting/meeting platforms, or simple do-it-yourself alternatives. FTI Consulting’s Strategic Communications practice provides a cost-effective solution for a professionally managed virtual shareholder meeting. The Need For Virtual Shareholder Meetings […]

Getting a head start on RIIO-ED2 – priorities for DNOs for the next electricity distribution price control

Distribution network operators (DNOs) across Great Britain will need to make significant investments in network infrastructure in the near future in response to the ongoing decentralisation of power generation, the digitalisation of energy systems, and ambitious decarbonisation targets set by legislators. At the same time, customer representatives and regulatory authorities are exerting ever greater pressure […]

Strategic War Gaming

Alaric Marsden, Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting in London, explains why War Gaming is an increasingly important strategic tool at a time of significant change and uncertainty.

UK Energy Retail Market Transformation

How competition, technological and political/regulatory factors are transforming the retail market, as well as potential strategic battlegrounds for future competition and the
associated competencies needed to succeed in each market.

M&A Activity in UK Energy Supply

This article looks at why consolidation might happen and how potential buyers and sellers could value energy supply businesses using discounted cash flow, market multiple and cost-based approaches.

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