FTI Consulting - SAP s4HANA Finance Transofrmaton - Service Sheet - Cover

SAP S4/HANA Driven Finance Transformation

Chief Financial Officers of businesses run on SAP are under pressure to move to SAP S4/HANA in response to a maintenance cut-off for their existing SAP Enterprise Central Component (ECC) implementations. When SAP launched S4/HANA they announced that support for SAP ERP 6.0, SAP Customer Relationship Management 7.0, SAP Supply Chain Management 7.0, wand SAP […]

Surviving the liquidity crunch - Cover

Why the sudden drive for Liquidity and how to respond?

Stabilise by determining Cash Flow demands, strengthening the Balance Sheet and lowering the break-even point When the COVID-19 lockdown regulations unexpectedly disrupted ‘receipts’, whilst leaving ‘disbursements’ unscathed, business focus rapidly shifted to ensuring healthy operating liquidity. Why the sudden drive for Liquidity and how do we respond?

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