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Class/Group Actions – Litigators, Defence & Corporate

The arrival of class/group action and collective redress in Europe necessitates a new approach to claims management. Litigators – Next Generation Class – Group Action Claims Management Defence – Next Generation Customer and Data Remediation Corporate – Cost Effective Breach Response

Virtual Managed Review

With Virtual Managed Review (VMR), our experts deliver comprehensive legal review globally, from initial project planning to completion of your matter with specific focus on review effectiveness. We drive efficiency at every step ensuring provision of key information early in your case and frequently throughout the review. This enables your teams to defensively manage your […]

Technology: Remote Data Collections

With speed, efficiency and defensibility, FTI Consulting applies a systematic approach to collecting electronic data across the globe without the need for physical deployment. Using custom and industry-standard tools, our experienced data collection specialists maintain the forensic integrity, defensibility and security of data throughout supported by full chain of custody tracking. FTI Technology Digital Forensics […]

Merger Clearance Investigations – Increased Rigor and Emphasis on Internal Documents

Historically, when two companies have proposed a merger or acquisition, European competition authorities evaluated various economic and market analyses to determine whether the transaction would establish too dominant of a position for the companies in any given market. Now, regulators, particularly DG Comp and competition agencies in the UK, Germany and France, are increasingly interested […]

Building a Global Information Governance & Discovery Programme

Craig Earnshaw, Sonia Cheng and Daniel Lim (Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP) discuss why it has become increasingly important for companies to build a global information governance and discovery programme and how they should go about implementing best practice. This article was originally published in Corporate Disputes magazine. 

Craig Earnshaw on the changes in e-discovery over his long career

Craig Earnshaw has been working in FTI Consulting’s Technology segment for 10 years and had already spent ten years in the then-nascent e-discovery and Computer Forensics world before that. In this interview he talks about the changes which he has seen over that time, identifying three main changes. One is what he calls the “frequency […]

FTI Consulting’s Find Facts Fast approach to e-discovery

There is a danger of treating discovery as a purely formal process, something done simply in order to meet an obligation. As Craig Earnshaw puts it in this interview with Chris Dale, the identification of facts often appears as a mere by-product of that formal process.

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