Retail Today: How to Manage COVID-19 Disruption and Make It to the Other Side

Australian retailers have been adapting to a changing landscape for some time, including responding to unforeseen events such as last summer’s bushfires. The enormous disruption of COVID-19 is the final obstacle that many retailers will struggle to navigate. Few, if any, will have planned for such an event that for many has closed the entire […]

FTI Consulting - Clean Energy Brochure - Cover

Clean Energy Practice – Australia – Brochure

FTI Consulting’s Clean Energy Practice covers the complete suite of clean energy technologies ranging from established technologies, such as onshore and offshore wind, solar PV and biofuels, to developing low carbon technologies, such as electric vehicles and energy storage. Multilateral efforts from a diverse set of stakeholders are fueling a shift towards an increasingly clean, […]

Diamonds in the rough: Selling distressed businesses

Transacting a business that is in some form of distress requires an approach different to that normally adopted in a sale of business. Time is often of the essence and an objective approach to key matters such as valuation is needed. Keeping a careful eye on trading and continuing to run the business, is critical […]

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