Sustainability | The Year of Action

  Sustainability is now being regularly discussed by Boards as a key part of the corporate strategic agenda. One year into the UN’s Decade of Action, with the COP26 Climate and the COP15 Biodiversity Summits and increased scrutiny by policymakers and regulators, activities have started to pick up speed. 2021 will require practical change beyond […]

Sustainability in insurance

In a mini roundtable with Risk & Compliance magazine, Graham Handy and Darko Popovic from FTI Consulting’s Global Insurance Services team discuss the growing importance of sustainability for the insurance sector, as well as the key risks and opportunities. R&C: To what extent are sustainability issues now firmly on the insurance industry’s radar? Why has […]

Insurance as a force for good in uncertain times

It may be too optimistic to see the next few months as the rebound from COVID-19. As I write, we are beyond the initial peak in infection rate in many countries. Nevertheless, Latin America faces an up-surge and we watch to see if lockdowns can be lifted without unduly risking a second wave. Perhaps it […]

FTI Consulting - Impact of the Solvency II 2020 review in the insurance sector - Cover

Impact of the Solvency II 2020 review in the insurance sector

EIOPA’s wide-ranging review of Solvency II sets its sights on improved regulatory oversight of long-term business. In its recently published consultation paper, the EIOPA has outlined its technical advice for the review of the Solvency II Directive. We consider how companies are most likely to be affected by the proposed changes and encourage companies to […]

Are Reinsurers a Driving Force for Innovation Throughout the Insurance Industry?

The insurance industry, whether life, personal, commercial, or specialty, is all too often unfairly painted as sluggish, with a slow and steady approach to innovation in comparison to other sectors in financial services. However, from our work with some of the largest and the most nimble players in the insurance market, it’s our view that […]

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