Surviving the liquidity crunch - Cover

Why the sudden drive for Liquidity and how to respond?

Stabilise by determining Cash Flow demands, strengthening the Balance Sheet and lowering the break-even point When the COVID-19 lockdown regulations unexpectedly disrupted ‘receipts’, whilst leaving ‘disbursements’ unscathed, business focus rapidly shifted to ensuring healthy operating liquidity. Why the sudden drive for Liquidity and how do we respond?

Business Unusual for South African Private Equity

The widespread disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has led to ‘business unusual’ for many companies in South Africa as they respond to new challenges in an unpredictable and rapidly changing operating environment. Private Equity Investors and portfolio companies must take this new reality into account, not only for their day-to-day operations, but in their […]

Deal announcement – Project Marathon

The Mergers and Acquisitions team at FTI Consulting South Africa are delighted to announce the successful completion of Project Marathon. As exclusive Transaction Advisors to the sellers, the scope of our services included indicative pricing, preparation of sale marketing documentation, deal origination through the introduction of appropriate potential buyers (both trade and financial investors), facilitation […]

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