Weathering the COVID-19 storm: How the construction services industry can fight back

COVID-19 is battering the already weakened construction industry. Construction companies not only need to respond rapidly to the current situation, but also need to draw longer term plans to adjust to the ‘new normal’ post COVID-19. In this latest piece of emerging thinking from our EMEA Business Transformation team, we explore how the industry has […]

The New Normal: How business could transform post COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is having a radical impact on business operating models and ways of working. Employees are adapting and finding new ways to interact with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Technology has enabled flexible remote working for people at a scale never previously tested and has provided new routes to market. Business continuity has been […]

Operational Transformation

The Operational Transformation Practice provides support in critical situations, to ensure the future success of our clients’ businesses.

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