Retail Today: How to Manage COVID-19 Disruption and Make It to the Other Side

Australian retailers have been adapting to a changing landscape for some time, including responding to unforeseen events such as last summer’s bushfires. The enormous disruption of COVID-19 is the final obstacle that many retailers will struggle to navigate. Few, if any, will have planned for such an event that for many has closed the entire […]

Retail advisory services in Australia

Today’s retail environment is proving the most difficult yet. Disruption is the new norm, technology is a key enabler and the speed of change is increasing exponentially. We help retailers find and retain value across four areas; product, operations, financial strength and event support. We work with retailers to help them bridge the capability gap, […]

The FTI Difference

What makes FTI unique? It’s our ability to bring together experts from a vast array of specialist areas – seamlessly, commercially, efficiently, conflict free and independently – to provide tailored solutions to the complex issues facing our clients. We are uniquely positioned to have such broad expertise within one organisation and this presents a valuable […]

What retailers can learn from Canada – and expect from Amazon

It is no secret that Amazon is coming to Australia. Australian retailers should not underestimate the scale of the disruption ahead but they are also in the fortunate position of being able to learn from overseas experiences. To date, so much of the analysis has focused on the retail destruction that swept America in recent […]

Retail Leasing Must Turnover

Retail leasing is fraught with conflict. On one hand, landlords desire certainty of income and to maximise the value of their investment. On the other, tenants commonly want to minimise their overheads and ensure their rent reflects the performance of the store.

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