Managing Succession under COVID-19

Everyone, whether a corporate conglomerate, an international company, a national supermarket chain, or even the corner coffee shop, recognises a new world order has been ushered in by the COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t know how this new world order will affect businesses just yet, despite the many critiques and research papers, nor we do we […]

South Africa Lockdown

FTI Consulting’s South Africa leadership team share their appreciation with the practice for remaining resilient and supportive during the South African COVID-19 lockdown.

ESG and Sustainability – International Trends and European Drivers

We begin the 2020s with global wealth as measured by GDP higher than at any time in human experience, but experiencing a bout of extreme weather events across the world, bringing the effects of climate change into stark and immediate reality for more and more people, and underlining the urgency of tackling a crisis that […]

Cybersecurity and Resilience in South Africa

The 2019 FTI Resilience Barometer ranked cyber attacks as a top concern for South African businesses in the G20. South Africa is a target firmly in the view of cyber threat actors today. The Country’s move towards digital transformation, combined with a regulatory and judicial environment that is still grappling to achieve greater effectiveness, leaves […]

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