Due diligence, it’s priceless!

In this article, our corporate advisory expert Michael McCreadie shares his experiences of why conducting due diligence is priceless in any business acquisition.

Diamonds in the rough: Selling distressed businesses

Transacting a business that is in some form of distress requires an approach different to that normally adopted in a sale of business. Time is often of the essence and an objective approach to key matters such as valuation is needed. Keeping a careful eye on trading and continuing to run the business, is critical […]

A deal is a deal…is a deal

This article identifies three particularly critical issues of transactions that should be understood and agreed before a business takes the plunge – the “why”, the “how” and the “who”.

The Rise of the Transformation Officer

It should come as no surprise that many businesses and investors are seeking to plant new seeds in more fertile soil, constructing new business models (while de-constructing old ones) on the fly, embracing more risk, and operating in ways designed to wrest survival, if not profit, from market volatility. It also should come as no […]

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