A snapshot of COVID-19 related unemployment in South Africa

COVID-19 and the consequent economic effects have meant significant job losses for the people of South Africa. Many families have been affected, and our future generation (the youth) are affected both immediately and in the long run. The impact of COVID-19 on access to education has been significant and disproportionately affected learners in poorer households. […]

Incidence, prevalence and what they mean for an economic re-start during COVID-19

In this note, we discuss the relationship between incidence, prevalence and the functioning of the healthcare system. We discuss the calculation of incidence, as well as factors affecting the ultimate result. We provide an overview of testing and incidence in South Africa and conclude with a discussion of the role of incidence in South Africa’s […]

Forging a path out of lockdown

South Africa’s economy is in dire straits. Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) reported a 2019 Q4 unemployment rate (narrowly defined) of 29.1%. Including discouraged workers, unemployment rises to just over 38.7%. This reflects the fact that the South African economy is in a technical recession following two consecutive quarters of GDP contraction (-0.8% in Q3 of […]

What is the path to an economic restart in South Africa?

The first case of COVID-19 in South Africa was reported on 5 March 2020. Three features of COVID-19 have led to a global pandemic with disastrous economic consequences: It is a completely new virus. We have only known about the virus for approximately 4 months. This means that at the time of the virus’s discovery, […]

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