Die COVID-19-Pandemie verzögert Projekte – Zu beobachten ist ein deutlicher Anstieg komplexer Streitfälle

Die Auswirkungen und Folgen der Corona-Krise werden nicht nur unsere Gesellschaft auf viele Jahre beschäftigen. Sie haben vielmehr zu einem Trend geführt, der sich bereits jetzt an einer steigenden Anzahl von Rechtstreitigkeiten bei Großprojekten zwischen Vertragspartnern oder Versicherern zeigt. Etwa, wenn es um die Implementierung von IT- und anderen komplexen Infrastrukturprojekten oder Bauvorhaben geht. Solche […]

Solving complex investigations using advanced technology

Our multi-disciplinary team of specialist investigators, forensic accountants, data analysts, and computer forensic experts undertake investigations involving corporate fraud, whistle blowing, employee negligence, white-collar crime, bribery, and corruption allegations. We offer the right platform to dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of review, while providing a predictable process and reduced costs across e-discovery projects.

Litigators - Cost Effective Class Action Claims-1

Class/Group Actions – Litigators, Defence & Corporate

The arrival of class/group action and collective redress in Europe necessitates a new approach to claims management. Litigators – Next Generation Class – Group Action Claims Management Defence – Next Generation Customer and Data Remediation Corporate – Cost Effective Breach Response

In the Midst of Significant Change, E-Discovery Providers Need Agility and Foresight

Collaboration and new forms of communication are steadily gaining on traditional channels. Worldwide revenue for this market reached more than US$38 million last year, and is growing more than 15 percent year-over-year in EMEA. In an e-discovery context, this increasing adoption of collaboration applications and tools—including Microsoft Teams and OneNote, Slack, Telegram, Zoom, etc.—is a […]

Q&A: Renato Fazzone Discusses Expanding Footprint and Client Service in Germany

The recent appointment of Renato Fazzone as Senior Managing Director and Germany Head of Technology established our permanent presence in the German market for our Technology practice. Backed by more than 15 years working in e-discovery and litigation support, as well as advising clients on corporate fraud and antitrust matters, Renato is eager to expand […]

Limping to the GDPR finish line – Why Many Companies Still Aren’t Fully Compliant

Though GDPR has been making international headlines for the last three years, authorities and corporations are still in their nascency regarding enforcement and compliance. Late last year, German data protection authorities issued the first multi-million euro GDPR fine, a €14.5 million penalty for a real estate company’s failure to meet data retention requirements. In this […]

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