E-discovery and Electronic Evidence Review for Financial Services Client

When an international retail banking institution needed a single, trusted e-discovery provider backed by a global team of renowned experts to improve consistency across their functional areas and reduce their overall e-discovery costs, our experts were able to help. The bank therefore sought to consolidate many of their systems into a single platform which had […]

Managing Coronavirus Relief Lending Risk

Many countries have introduced programmes to help distribute relief funds and emergency loans to help businesses stay afloat during the crisis. While these programmes are critical to bolstering economic stability, they were also created quickly and under pressure. One inadvertent result has been an emerging uncertainty among financial institutions about the long-term outlook for how […]

FTI Consulting - Beyond the AI Hype: Accelerating Legal and Compliance Matters - Cover

Beyond the AI Hype: Accelerating Legal and Compliance Matters

Artificial Intelligence (AI). However nebulous and varied it may be, the topic of AI continues to dominate headlines with multiple hype cycles and industry speculation. Around the globe, leaders in nearly every industry eagerly buy into the promises of AI to transform the way we work. Governments have also jumped on the bandwagon. Since 2018, […]

Managing Contractual Risks During COVID-19

Contractual language plays a critical role for organisations rushing to understand shifting obligations and liability in response to COVID-19, yet many corporations lack an organised, centralised method to analyse and act on their diverse contract universe. The FTI Consulting Contract Intelligence team leverages deep legal and regulatory expertise to ensure a thorough and defensible process. […]

Litigators - Cost Effective Class Action Claims-1

Class/Group Actions – Litigators, Defence & Corporate

The arrival of class/group action and collective redress in Europe necessitates a new approach to claims management. Litigators – Next Generation Class – Group Action Claims Management Defence – Next Generation Customer and Data Remediation Corporate – Cost Effective Breach Response

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