Information Governance, Privacy & Security Services

Corporate data, whether stored on servers, in the cloud or on employee devices, presents new challenges and opportunities for your organisation. As data volumes increase, these challenges include safely and defensibly: — Mining corporate data to find and act upon key information quickly — Storing sensitive data, including client information and proprietary intellectual property — […]

The Modern Age

As businesses batten down to weather the implications of, and boost recovery from, the recent COVID-19 crisis, many are looking at strategic M&A to streamline, increase liquidity, divest the less functional edges of their corporate portfolio and merge with entities that strengthen their resilience. At the same time, across the globe, there is a trend […]

M&A Due Diligence: Ensuring Data Risk Doesn’t Derail the Deal

As start-ups strategise and develop their post-Covid survival strategy, and large corporations refocus on their highest performing functions, M&A activity is shifting to centre on strategic divestitures and mergers that will bolster business resilience. With this shift, due diligence over data risk is becoming an increasingly critical element of strategic and informed M&A decision-making and […]

COVID-19: The Call for Personal Data Hygiene

Coronavirus is everywhere, figuratively and literally. It has overtaken our news, social feeds, and nearly every message and exchange. We’re getting a glaring reminder of the importance of strong personal hygiene (wash your hands!). But what about information hygiene? Beyond the devastating impacts on health infrastructure, human life and the economy, this crisis is also […]

Information governance: balancing the risks and opportunities of data

Corporations today are struggling to deal with increasingly complex regulatory obligations and aggressive enforcement, coupled with the rapid explosion of electronic data. From protecting sensitive customer data from cyber threats to complying with data protection laws, corporate information governance (IG) efforts are quickly becoming “must do” projects.

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Friend, Foe or Frenemy: Understanding the Risk of Too Much Data

FTI Consulting’s European Information Governance Leader Sonia Cheng looks towards 2020 and talks about some key issues and topics in information governance and data privacy. These include the core ingredients to make an information governance programme successful, the emerging risk areas that corporations are facing and how technology can help modernise data compliance initiatives. This […]

Building a Global Information Governance and Discovery Programme – Predictive Analytics

FTI Consulting’s Sonia Cheng and Glenn Barden, and Patrick Oot from Shook, Hardy and Bacon, discuss how organisations are adding predictive analytics, machine learning and AI to their traditional information governance and e-discovery programmes, the benefits and potential downsides of doing so and what the future holds. This article was originally published in Corporate Disputes […]

Building a Global Information Governance & Discovery Programme

Craig Earnshaw, Sonia Cheng and Daniel Lim (Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP) discuss why it has become increasingly important for companies to build a global information governance and discovery programme and how they should go about implementing best practice. This article was originally published in Corporate Disputes magazine. 

Data Subject Access Requests

Many corporations and law firms have developed processes to handle DSARs under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, businesses often struggle with responding to these requests because they must conduct detailed searches across a diverse data landscape. Responding to requests can be resource intensive, costly and difficult to co-ordinate, especially within the required timescale.

Leading the Way with Information Governance

FTI Consulting’s European Information Governance Leader Sonia Cheng talks about how organisations can make the most of an information governance programme, while also sharing tips on how to get the funding and necessary board level attention for this

Reducing Cost and Risk with Information Governance

Sonia Cheng, FTI Consulting’s European Information Governance Leader, talks about the benefits of Information Governance to companies, examples of how and when FTI can help, and how to engage stakeholders and get an Information Governance programme off the ground.

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