At stake in today’s business disputes are corporate reputations, potentially massive damages and the financial stakes of some thousands of individuals. When the process breaks down, each party suffers. Misdirected settlement negotiations, sloppy claims processing, or flawed scoring can trigger refilings, destroy the integrity of the process, and delay the cases which, even under the best of circumstances, can last many years.

Expeditious resolution of disputes such as this is more likely to occur when a neutral adviser becomes heavily involved in negotiations and the administration of the suit. Such an adviser must have the logistical and analytical capability to handle communications with class members and accurately process claims and judgments. Even more importantly, it must command the respect of all parties.

FTI Consulting’s years of experience in claims projects such as these give us the ability to help bring parties together and move a case to a reasonable conclusion.  Our knowledge of the courts, regulators, and industry leaders, along with our well-honed claims administration processing capabilities benefit all parties.

Our dedicated team provides industry-savvy settlement advice, large-scale case processing, sound scoring, and settlement compliance review. The marketplace
recognizes our high standards of independence, objectivity, and quality. Our track record spans numerous areas including securities, insurance, civil rights, telecommunications, and antitrust.

For further information please contact Linda Bertolissio or Riina Rintanen.