There is a constant stream of negative publicity around high-profile construction projects. It would appear that almost all construction projects have time and/or cost over-runs. These over-runs can affect everyone involved in the project from the initial financier through to the subcontractors and suppliers. The time and cost pressures then negatively affect the quality, safety and even stakeholder satisfaction. Do you really know the true status of your project or will you, like so many others, face huge financial risk at the end of the project for issues that could have been negated or at least mitigated earlier on?

In order to improve the potential for a project and to achieve the outcomes expected, a construction Project Health Check tool has been developed by FTI Consulting that allows the immediate assessment of a project’s current health. The tool looks to identify the root causes of any reasons why the project is not performing as expected and suggests a means of returning the project to better health.

For further information please contact Linda Bertolissio or Riina Rintanen.