Financial Crime Quarterly – Issue 4 – Q2 2021

In this issue of our quarterly newsletter, we will be taking you to aspects of financial crime that – to date – have been considered by industry experts and regulators alike to be somewhat ‘beyond the mainstream’. We all know-how, for example, regulatory scrutiny of the global systemic banks and expectations of the financial services […]

Interconnexion électrique

Pour répondre à ces défis, de nouvelles sources de flexibilité – soit pour accroître l’offre, soit pour réduire la demande – seront indispensables pour permettre d’équilibrer le système. Les interconnexions sont un levier majeur pour offrir une telle flexibilité à long terme. Dans ce rapport, nous passons en revue les annonces et publications récentes et […]

Déploiement des politiques ESG : le CAC 40 parmi les leaders en Europe

La pression croissante des investisseurs pour que les entreprises mènent des politiques ESG efficaces a conduit FTI Consulting à analyser leur déploiement au sein des grands indices européens. L’engagement ESG des entreprises est-il assorti d’un programme complet, d’objectifs tangibles et mesurables ainsi que d’un suivi efficace ? Quels sont les progrès accomplis en 2020 ? […]

Information Governance, Privacy & Security Services

Corporate data, whether stored on servers, in the cloud or on employee devices, presents new challenges and opportunities for your organisation. As data volumes increase, these challenges include safely and defensibly: — Mining corporate data to find and act upon key information quickly — Storing sensitive data, including client information and proprietary intellectual property — […]

Data Visualization & Dashboard Solutions

Today’s corporations have access to a diverse and growing population of data. Finance, operations and compliance teams make daily decisions based on data collected and analyzed for their business function. The underlying data, however, is often stored in siloed systems, disconnected from other data sources within the organization and updated at irregular intervals. When systems […]

Fraud Detection and Investigation (EMEA)

Business fraud is an increasingly important issue for all companies as regulatory bodies demand greater compliance, enforce regulations more strictly and impose billion-dollar fines for breaches. For multinational firms with their many subsidiary systems and variations in the standards of automated reporting across their different geographies this trend presents serious challenges. Identifying data and records, […]

Anti-Money Laundering Technology Services (EMEA)

Regulatory enforcement actions are putting the financial services industry on notice that anti-money laundering (“AML”) compliance is a leading enforcement priority. This renewed focus, and the increasingly complex technology challenges associated with meeting the new requirements, are straining compliance programmes, staff, and technology resources. Alongside this trend, other institutions, such as fintech companies and the […]

Account Remediation Services

FTI Consulting’s Data and Analytics (D&A) team helps financial institutions to ensure that consumer account services are consistent and comply with regulations. Banks are often inadvertently assessing incorrect management or administrative fees, or applying inaccurate interest calculations on customer accounts. We can help financial institutions to identify any inaccuracies, and assist firms in taking preventative […]

Die COVID-19-Pandemie verzögert Projekte – Zu beobachten ist ein deutlicher Anstieg komplexer Streitfälle

Die Auswirkungen und Folgen der Corona-Krise werden nicht nur unsere Gesellschaft auf viele Jahre beschäftigen. Sie haben vielmehr zu einem Trend geführt, der sich bereits jetzt an einer steigenden Anzahl von Rechtstreitigkeiten bei Großprojekten zwischen Vertragspartnern oder Versicherern zeigt. Etwa, wenn es um die Implementierung von IT- und anderen komplexen Infrastrukturprojekten oder Bauvorhaben geht. Solche […]

M&A Due Diligence: Ensuring Data Risk Doesn’t Derail the Deal

As start-ups strategise and develop their post-Covid survival strategy, and large corporations refocus on their highest performing functions, M&A activity is shifting to centre on strategic divestitures and mergers that will bolster business resilience. With this shift, due diligence over data risk is becoming an increasingly critical element of strategic and informed M&A decision-making and […]

What is the profile of a fraudster?

Have you ever wondered about the profile of a corporate fraudster and if there are ever any common traits or patterns? Are they generally older or younger, male or female, new employees or long-established ones? I recalled a survey from a few years ago that identified certain attributes of fraudsters. So I dug a bit […]

FTI Consulting - Impact of the Solvency II 2020 review in the insurance sector - Cover

Impact of the Solvency II 2020 review in the insurance sector

EIOPA’s wide-ranging review of Solvency II sets its sights on improved regulatory oversight of long-term business. In its recently published consultation paper, the EIOPA has outlined its technical advice for the review of the Solvency II Directive. We consider how companies are most likely to be affected by the proposed changes and encourage companies to […]

Shaping the circular economy

Debate around climate change, population growth and the scarcity of resources have intensified, focussed minds and led to action: from Zero Plastic or Zero Waste movements driven by consumers to research by companies into new ways to recycle waste, society is leaving linearity behind and embracing a model based on reduce, reuse and recycle. This […]

Building a Global Compliance and Ethics Programme: Risk Assessment and Monitoring

Tapan Debnath of Nokia moderates the second roundtable discussion on building a global compliance and ethics programme featuring Andrew Durant and Wayne Anthony from FTI Consulting and Sam Eastwood from Mayer Brown. To read the first roundtable focused on leadership click here and to read the third roundtable on standards and controls click here. This […]

Open Banking Opportunities and Risk Considerations

Jamilia Parry and Robert Hardman from FTI Consulting discuss the key opportunities and risk considerations in open banking with Nassos Oikonomopoulos of HSBC (Head of Technology Controls, Regional Operating Model and Europe). This article has been reprinted with kind permission from Risk & Compliance magazine. 

How Corporations Can Navigate Data Discovery Challenges Amid Rising Antitrust Enforcement

Earlier this year the European Commission (“EC”) handed down an unprecedented €110 million fine to a technology giant for providing misleading information during its 2014 acquisition of another major technology company. Despite the fact that the misinformation was provided in error, the Commission was firm in its expectation that merging parties provide complete and accurate […]

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