Are audit clauses fit for purpose?

Audit clauses provide a mechanism through which software publishers protect the use of billions of dollars of intellectual property and ensure that their customers comply with the terms on which software is licensed to them. They are surprisingly brief. The software compliance business has grown enormously since the mid-1990s. Thousands of audits take place every […]

The case for a code of conduct for software licence audits

Almost all software licenses include a provision for the audit of a customer by the vendor to check whether usage complies with the rights acquired.  Globally, there are thousands of such audits every year, conducted by vendors and by third parties on their behalf and billions of dollars change hands as a result. Customers dislike […]

Draft for Discussion: Software License Audits: Code of Conduct

Each year, there are thousands of software audits executed worldwide by vendors and their designated third-party auditors, but no consistent approach to the conduct of these audits. There is significant variation between vendors on all aspects of the software audit process, making it difficult for a customer to develop a consistent approach to managing what […]

Assessing Damages for Breach of Contract

FTI Consulting’s Karthik Balisagar and Tim Battrick authored a chapter for the fourth edition of Global Arbitration Review’s “The Guide to Damages in International Arbitration” on the assessment of damages for breach of contract. Contracting parties usually expect to obtain an economic benefit from the contracts that they enter. Where those contracts are breached, the […]

Data & Analytics in Digital Currency and Blockchain

FTI Consulting’s Data & Analytics (D&A) experts have worked on some of the biggest financial crime investigations in the world, combining advanced analytic methods with traditional data analysis. Our clients rely on our technical expertise in conjunction with our regulatory, valuation, cyber security professionals to help them investigate potential exposure to digital currency money laundering/financial […]

Data & Analytics Overview

Information has become one of the most valuable assets of any business today. Protecting and leveraging the data collected in the course of business has a dramatic impact on successful outcomes for the firm. The growing number of differing data sources maintained throughout the enterprise present challenging issues for management to consider. Simply reviewing documents […]

Data Quality and Integrity Services

Data & Analytics – Complexity Resolved The modern business environment requires organizations to have timely access to accurate and complete data that empowers leaders to make strategic and tactical decisions in complex environments. In increasingly competitive global markets, the data needed to optimize decisionmaking is growing in volume, variety and complexity. Data is utilized in […]

Fraud Detection and Investigation

Data & Analytics – Complexity Resolved Business fraud is an increasingly important issue for all companies as regulatory bodies demand greater compliance, enforce regulations more strictly and impose billion-dollar fines for breaches. For multinational firms with their many subsidiary systems and variations in the standards of automated reporting across their different geographies this trend presents […]

Labor and Employment Litigation Services

Data & Analytics – Complexity Resolved FTI Consulting is highly regarded for its expertise in labor and employment litigation matters. We can provide our clients with specialists in areas such as labor economics, financial analysis and e-discovery.


Data & Analytics – Complexity Resolved Following the crash of 2008 financial firms have come under increasing scrutiny, risking more significant fines and greater reputational damage for any wrongdoing. As prosecutors and regulators seek to support firms to improve their systems and compliance they have been encouraging them to recruit monitors as part of a […]

Automation & Data Modeling

Data & Analytic Software Solutions FTI pairs two service offerings that work in concert with each other to transform legacy business processes into modern, streamlined, elegant solutions. Advanced data modelling and machine learning techniques are containerized and deployed onto FTI’s secure automation platform. Leveraging this advanced platform reduces time-to-market, provides robust performance and security controls, […]

Ask the Expert: Does my Company need an analytics translator?

Drew Sheehan of FTI Consulting’s Data & Analytics practice reviews the role of this relatively new position that is becoming critical in our data-driven business world. Today’s organizations have a veritable ocean of data at their disposal. Data is a resource that can either drown companies that struggle to manage it or, if leveraged strategically, […]

Cybersecurity Capabilities & Offerings

In todayʼs increasingly connected world, all organizations are at risk from cyber-related threats. A cyber-attack can both cripple operations and permanently damage the reputation of your business. FTI Cybersecurity uses an intelligence-driven, expert-driven, strategic approach to the global cybersecurity challenges affecting your organization.

Export Controls and Sanctions

FTI Consulting’s export controls and sanctions offering is a truly global service that operates seamlessly across all jurisdictions and industries to provide timely, comprehensive and practical advice. We help our clients navigate the complexity of export controls and sanctions compliance by simplifying them into manageable, actionable, and auditable internal controls. Our consultants provide insight into […]

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