Data Visualization & Dashboard Solutions

Today’s corporations have access to a diverse and growing population of data. Finance, operations and compliance teams make daily decisions based on data collected and analyzed for their business function. The underlying data, however, is often stored in siloed systems, disconnected from other data sources within the organization and updated at irregular intervals. When systems […]

Fraud Detection and Investigation (EMEA)

Business fraud is an increasingly important issue for all companies as regulatory bodies demand greater compliance, enforce regulations more strictly and impose billion-dollar fines for breaches. For multinational firms with their many subsidiary systems and variations in the standards of automated reporting across their different geographies this trend presents serious challenges. Identifying data and records, […]

Anti-Money Laundering Technology Services (EMEA)

Regulatory enforcement actions are putting the financial services industry on notice that anti-money laundering (“AML”) compliance is a leading enforcement priority. This renewed focus, and the increasingly complex technology challenges associated with meeting the new requirements, are straining compliance programmes, staff, and technology resources. Alongside this trend, other institutions, such as fintech companies and the […]

Account Remediation Services

FTI Consulting’s Data and Analytics (D&A) team helps financial institutions to ensure that consumer account services are consistent and comply with regulations. Banks are often inadvertently assessing incorrect management or administrative fees, or applying inaccurate interest calculations on customer accounts. We can help financial institutions to identify any inaccuracies, and assist firms in taking preventative […]

Forensics Investigations and Risk Advisory – Middle East

Businesses and the legal community face a wide range of strategic, operational, and regulatory challenges. Our clients trust us to guide them through difficult and complex scenarios across a broad spectrum of issues. Our globally integrated team offers comprehensive support for all matters affecting businesses, including forensic investigations, forensic data analytics, dispute resolution, and design […]

Anti-Corruption and Investigations Compliance – Middle East and North Africa

Anti-corruption and anti-bribery (ABAC) enforcement is increasingly global. Companies must comply with international and local ABAC laws and regulations, or risk severe penalties, and commercial and reputational damage. This is especially important in light of the relatively high risk of corruption and bribery in the region, the overlap between government entities and the private sector, […]

The New T&Cs of Investor Relations: An open letter to the CFO

The coronavirus pandemic will result in increased scrutiny on how your company treats employees, clients, and the wider community. This scrutiny creates an imperative to embrace new levels of transparency and compassion (T&C) when communicating with your investors. In this short article, we speculate on the impact of the pandemic on investor relations and make […]

Asset Tracing and Recovery – Middle East and North Africa

FTI Consulting is a leading independent provider of investigative asset tracing and forensic accounting services to the global business and legal community. Our clients include business conglomerates with diverse portfolios, financial institutions, private equity, hedge funds, litigation funders and investors. We work with external counsel, in-house counsel and board-level management. Our track record spans some […]

Essential ‘CARE’ communication tips for the current pandemic

The COVID 19 virus has created significant challenges for public sector bodies, which in turn has created the need for effective and sustained communication planning. In this article, Shane Dolan and Darius Alexander detail four pillars that can provide a solid foundation to handling a crisis.

Asset Tracing and Recovery in India

The announcement by Indian Courts to recognize judgments rendered in the UAE provides lenders and legal counsel the opportunity to pursue debtors with assets in India. FTI is recognized as “first class” and a leading firm in global investigations and asset recovery by Who’s Who Legal. Our track record spans some of the world’s most […]

Mental Health and Wellbeing in Construction

As mental ill-health becomes the biggest risk to construction works today, it is imperative that employers in the construction industry address this as a business and social priority. Following his recent presentation at The Chartered Institute of Building’s Abu Dhabi event on 25 February 2020, FTI Consulting’s Connor Curran discusses the latest statistics and suggests […]

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