Sustainability | The Year of Action

  Sustainability is now being regularly discussed by Boards as a key part of the corporate strategic agenda. One year into the UN’s Decade of Action, with the COP26 Climate and the COP15 Biodiversity Summits and increased scrutiny by policymakers and regulators, activities have started to pick up speed. 2021 will require practical change beyond […]

Trading Investigations “Blue Sheet”

FTI Consulting’s Data & Analytics team delivers strategic business solutions to its clients. The D&A team understands the complex relationships between various information sources and the impact they have on the operations of the business. Understanding the business processes generating the data is the first step in the design of the appropriate strategy to preserve, […]

Mortgage-Backed Securities Litigation

FTI Consulting’s highly experienced Data & Analytics team combine expertise and cutting-edge technology to help financial institutions solve regulatory and litigation issues relating to mortgage and loan origination. Our multidisciplinary teams bring expertise to the full cycle of mortgage-backed securitization, including mortgage origination and underwriting, due diligence, loan servicing and data analysis.

Fraud Detection and Investigation (US)

Business fraud is an increasingly important issue for all companies as regulatory bodies demand greater compliance, enforce regulations more strictly and impose billion-dollar fines for breaches. For multinational firms with their many subsidiary systems and variations in the standards of automated reporting across their different geographies this trend presents serious challenges. Identifying data and records, […]

Data Reconciliation for Complex Financial Systems Implementations (US)

Confidence in financial reporting data and platforms is critical for an organization to succeed. Companies need accurate and timely information for external reporting and optimal strategic and operational decision making in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Companies undertaking complex financial and accounting systems upgrades and implementations need to ensure a single source of truth for the […]

Data Quality and Integrity Services (US)

The modern business environment requires organizations to have timely access to accurate and complete data that empowers leaders to make strategic and tactical decisions in complex environments. In increasingly competitive global markets, the data needed to optimize decisionmaking is growing in volume, variety and complexity. Data is utilized in new ways, often beyond its original […]

Class Action and Claims Administration Services (US)

At stake in today’s business disputes are corporate reputations, potentially massive damages and the financial stakes of some thousands of individuals. When the process breaks down, each party suffers. Misdirected settlement negotiations, sloppy claims processing, or flawed scoring can trigger refilings, destroy the integrity of the process, and delay the cases which, even under the […]

Consumer Finance & Lending Consulting Services (US)

The passage of the Dodd-Frank Act created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”), significantly increasing regulatory scrutiny over consumer finance activity, including mortgages, auto loans, student lending, debt collection, consumer reporting, and other consumer lending-related activities. Dodd-Frank provided regulators with new powers of inquiry and enforcement relating to both newly created regulations and long-standing fair […]

Anti-Money Laundering Technology Services (US)

Regulatory enforcement actions are putting the financial services industry on notice that antimoney laundering (“AML”) compliance is a leading enforcement priority. This renewed focus, and the increasingly complex technology challenges associated with meeting the new requirements, are straining compliance programs, staff, and technology resources. Alongside this trend, other institutions, such as fintech companies and the […]

Data & Analytics Complexity Resolved (US)

Why is Data & Analytics Essential for Your Business Success? The continuous growth of data volumes makes it increasingly difficult for corporations to organise, manage, store and analyse data. At the same time, business strategy relies on data insight, organisations are increasingly scrutinised by the regulators, and digital disruptors are forcing companies to change the […]

Investigating Complex Sales Practices

September 8, 2016, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) imposed a fine of $100 million — the largest in its history — against Wells Fargo & Company for secretly opening accounts without its customers’ knowledge or permission. The Independent Board of Directors of Wells Fargo & Company launched an investigation to understand the causes of […]

Investigating Fraudulent Digital Marketing Campaigns

A large national advertising and marketing services company acquired an entity focused on executing digital marketing campaigns for customers. When allegations of inaccurate customer reports surfaced, the company called FTI Consulting to determine if marketing campaign results were being accurately presented to certain customers. When FTI found preliminary evidence of improper reporting, the parent company’s […]

FTI Consulting – Investigative & Asset Tracing Services

Investigative & Asset Tracing Challenges Require an Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Consulting Platform. FTI’s forensic accountants analyzed thousands of banking, accounting and other business records relating to the borrowers, guarantors, dozens of affiliated businesses, and the respective owners. Our forensic accountants mapped sources and uses of funds by implementing cash-tracing procedures and industry-accepted methodologies. Through the performance […]

FTI Consulting - Resilience Barometer 2020 - Report - Cover

FTI Consulting’s Resilience Barometer 2020

FTI Consulting’s 2020 Resilience Barometer highlights how G20 companies are preparing for emerging risks and crises that threaten revenue, value and reputation in 2020. As businesses confront cybersecurity threats, fight financial crime and prepare for more changes in legislation and regulation in 2020, our survey reveals that many executives remain unprepared for a new wave […]

Cybersecurity and Resilience in South Africa

The 2019 FTI Resilience Barometer ranked cyber attacks as a top concern for South African businesses in the G20. South Africa is a target firmly in the view of cyber threat actors today. The Country’s move towards digital transformation, combined with a regulatory and judicial environment that is still grappling to achieve greater effectiveness, leaves […]

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