Protecting data is tricky business. Data is a modern-day Frankenstein: what was once an asset is showing signs of becoming a liability. As the fourth “Industrial Revolution” progresses, odd bits of machinery are fused with data from real-world systems (transportation, power plants, patient records, ride-sharing details, bank and credit card information, etc.), breaking down political and physical boundaries while artfully dodging definitions of private and public ownership. While its complexity and reach fill one with a sense of awe, this big global IoT beast – with data as its life-blood – is powerful, yet dangerous.

In this article, global professionals from FTI Consulting – Anthony J. Ferrante in the United States, Pablo Lopez-Alvarez in Europe and Amrit Singh Deo in Asia – share perspectives on evolving cybersecurity regulations and how governments and businesses are preparing for the next data breach. These perspectives capture current regulatory approaches and policies, while offering details on the ways in which business and policy leaders can prioritise the myriad issues linked to cybersecurity.

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