Leveraging big data technology and taking advantage of drastically reduced data collection and storage costs, organizations have the capability to collect and store massive amounts of structured and semi-structured data. Facing complex business, audit or regulatory challenges, companies often need to analyze this data to quickly remediate issues, improve operations and business performance, and explore the reasons for changing customer, vendor, or other stakeholder behavior. Increasingly, clients need to develop detailed and automated financial and operational models and statistical tests to run what-if scenarios, proforma outcomes, and/or alternative situations but lack the expertise or resources to commit to creating an effective and auditable solution.

FTI Consulting’s Data & Analytics team utilizes big data and cloud-based technologies in tandem with our data management and analysis skills to perform detailed analytics on large volumes of data to solve a company’s most pressing and complex issues. Our team works independently to build models and analyses that provide objective results. Because sophisticated techniques and complex modeling are often required, we explain the methodology and results in a straightforward and transparent manner that can be understood by clients and audited by third parties.

For further information please contact Linda Bertolissio or Riina Rintanen.