The modern business environment requires organizations to have timely access to accurate and complete data that empowers leaders to make strategic and tactical decisions in complex environments. In increasingly competitive global markets, the data needed to optimize decisionmaking is growing in volume, variety and complexity. Data is utilized in new ways, often beyond its original purpose, presenting organizations with new risks and challenges.

The nature of relevant data is evolving. Diverse corporate data inventories are more available than ever and must be used in combination with financial data to drive business performance. While financial data has long been intensely scrutinized due to regulatory and statutory requirements, other key organizational data (such as operational, strategic, and logistical data) has not faced stringent external tests. Companies often rely on disconnected systems, inefficient processes and unreliable data governance procedures, resulting in analysis driven by manual manipulation, duplicative effort and risk of incomplete and inaccurate data.

FTI Consulting can assist companies facing these data quality and integrity challenges by establishing controls for all sources and processes, enabling businesses to trust their analysis, gain key insights and drive performance.

All too often organisations buy off the shelf systems that are then not appropriate and are not used properly, efficiently or
safely as manual workarounds emerge.

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