Finance, accounting, operations, compliance, risk management, and human resource teams make daily decisions based on data collected and analyzed for their business function. However, the underlying data is often stored in siloed systems, disconnected from other data sources within the organization and updated at irregular intervals. Lacking alignment among various systems, companies may struggle to overcome unwieldy and inefficient manual processes to develop insightful cross-segment reporting.

FTI Consulting’s Data & Analytics team identifies, cleans, and connects disparate data sources to simplify cross-segment reporting and produce intuitive and useful visual reports with drill-down capabilities. A “single source of truth” allows users from all levels throughout the organization to take data-driven action. Using a tactical approach, FTI Consulting works closely with clients to identify relevant data, compile data into a centralized reporting platform, build dynamic visualization tools, and distribute reports across the entire company while adhering to strict security controls.

For further information please contact Linda Bertolissio or Riina Rintanen.