When an international retail banking institution needed a single, trusted e-discovery provider backed by a global team of renowned experts to improve consistency across their functional areas and reduce their overall e-discovery costs, our experts were able to help.

The bank therefore sought to consolidate many of their systems into a single platform which had the scalability and functional range to facilitate a firm-wide approach to their reviews and investigations, and could be deployed instantly in a secure environment easily accessed by their global user base. Our Managed Services package was the ideal solution for their requirements, and provided them the perfect balance between accessibility, administrative control, and cutting-edge technology. It also meant they had a single platform that could support a whole range of projects from large matters with vast volumes of data, to smaller projects involving a few thousand documents.

We significantly cut the bank’s cost of creating and utilising bespoke and custom made systems to solve their business needs by implementing a single solution across the organisation for a variety of projects and stakeholders, which contributed to the reduction of their overall legal costs by 75%. Our Managed Service solution is now used widely across the firm.

For further information please contact Linda Bertolissio or Riina Rintanen.