When acting as an Expert, your overriding duty is to provide an independent, unbiased opinion to the tribunal based on the facts of the case. Under no circumstance should you risk ruining your reputation by giving biased evidence.

As an Expert, you need to understand your role as well as your tasks and instructions. This involves:

  • Defining your approach
  • Clarifying the basis of your assessment
  • Analysing the issue
  • Writing a clear and understandable report for the tribunal
  • The result of a report must be reproducible based on the documents that were available to the Expert.

What makes a good Expert in a hearing?

  • Preparation is king: An Expert must prepare a clearly structured presentation including approach, results and areas of agreement and disagreement between the Experts.
  • Know your stuff: Experts need to know their report back to front, as well as other parties’ reports.
  • Avoid ambiguity: Don’t assume or answer questions on the spot which you haven’t analysed before.
  • Don’t take it personally: When you are challenged in a hearing, you are not being challenged as a person. It’s just your role. Remain factual and objective.

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