Does financial crime get enough attention? Stories of fraud and misconduct – from Enron to the Russian Laundromat – drive headlines and can change organisational behaviour (sometimes for the better, but also for the worse). Yet much of financial
crime takes place in the background and only emerges when light shines on the magnitude of the problem.

In this spirit, we are excited to welcome you to our newest publication: the Financial Crime Quarterly. Within these pages, FTI Consulting’s Financial Services team will showcase the threats and opportunities facing the financial system (or financial systems, the term we prefer to use). Each issue is dedicated to providing space for industry-leading thought on the most pressing financial crime issues — the latest regulatory insights, case study analyses and stakeholder viewpoints.

The content is designed for our clients and industry leaders in the public and private sectors. We are focused on quality and brevity and hope that each issue leaves you with a better understanding of the financial crime typologies, control frameworks and regulatory infrastructure with which we all interact on a daily basis.

In this issue, our spotlight is on financial institutions that are criminally owned or controlled by criminals – be it organised crime or smaller groups of corrupt individuals. Ironically, perhaps, we have seen first-hand how regulators, financial intelligence units and enforcement agencies struggle with taking action against these types of firms more so than against firms that simply have poor systems and controls.

Join us for a journey into the mechanics of the many threats and opportunities that exist in the world of financial crime investigations.

For further information please contact Linda Bertolissio or Riina Rintanen.