Définition de la régulation du secteur de l’électricité en Côte d’Ivoire

Le 1er janvier 2021, une nouvelle convention entre la République de Côte d’Ivoire et l’opérateur privé du secteur électrique CIE (Compagnie Ivoirienne d’Electricité) est entrée en vigueur pour une durée de 12 ans, établissant l’un des premiers régimes régulatoires incitatifs en Afrique. FTI Consulting a conseillé le Gouvernement ivoirien sur les aspects économiques et financiers […]

Interconnexion électrique

Pour répondre à ces défis, de nouvelles sources de flexibilité – soit pour accroître l’offre, soit pour réduire la demande – seront indispensables pour permettre d’équilibrer le système. Les interconnexions sont un levier majeur pour offrir une telle flexibilité à long terme. Dans ce rapport, nous passons en revue les annonces et publications récentes et […]

Digital & Insights

The Digital & Insights practice sits at the centre of FTI Consulting’s integrated strategic communications offering. Our team supports corporate reputation, stakeholder relations and profile-raising programs through the innovative use of data, design, content and technology. The FTI Consulting Difference Our Digital & Insights team combines practical experience, digital expertise and creative thinking to offer […]

Singapore introduces mandatory data breach notification laws

On 1 February 2021, Singapore’s mandatory data breach notification laws took effect. If your organisation is based in Singapore or collects, uses, or discloses personal data in Singapore, and you experience a data breach, you may be required to notify the regulator and affected individuals. If you don’t comply, you may face fines of up […]

Financement de projet Revue du projet « Mozambique LNG »

Malgré l’épidémie de la COVID-19 et les conséquences sans précèdent des mesures de confinement sur l’activité économique mondiale, une des plus importantes opérations de financement d’infrastructure ($15Mds) a été conclue. Malgré l’épidémie de la COVID-19 et les conséquences sur l’activité économique mondiale et sur le marché du pétrole, Total, la septième entreprise pétrolière mondiale, a […]

Valuation of European gas midstream and retail companies

Situation A state-owned energy company contemplated a restructuring of its European gas activities in the context of a growing and increasingly liquid global gas market, and a gradual reduction of clean energy incentive schemes in the European gas market. In this context, the client commissioned FTI Consulting to assess the value of a dozen of […]

Privacy in a Pandemic – the Conundrum of COVID-19 Check-in Solutions

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when we were all grappling with the avalanche of concepts like ‘social distancing’ and ‘personal protective equipment’, the idea of contact tracing had many scratching their heads. In the age of automation, a manual process involving a team of people making calls and conducting interviews to find […]

Gas pipeline: Dispute and valuation

The early termination of a gas supply agreement gave rise to arbitration proceedings under the Rules of Arbitration of the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration. FTI Consulting was appointed by the claimant, a gas trading company, to provide independent expert witness evidence on the loss suffered as a result of the interruption of […]

Information Governance, Privacy & Security Services

Corporate data, whether stored on servers, in the cloud or on employee devices, presents new challenges and opportunities for your organisation. As data volumes increase, these challenges include safely and defensibly: — Mining corporate data to find and act upon key information quickly — Storing sensitive data, including client information and proprietary intellectual property — […]

Capturing the Value in Mobile Data

Insights for litigation and investigations reviews With the majority of Australians (89%) owning a mobile phone1 and many working from home, the use of mobile devices is part of everyday life. For litigation and investigations, this valuable evidence is not collected as regularly as it could be. We explore some of the technical challenges, identify […]

Small-Scale LNG Market in Europe: Analysis of Volumes, Players and Prices to 2025

FTI Consulting conducted a review of the small-scale LNG market in Europe that covered 14 countries and six market segments served by LNG trucks and ISO-containers. Based on multiple interviews and proprietary market modelling, we forecast a growing demand across Europe, supported by increased small-scale LNG availability, contractual standardization, as well as sustained price and […]

Energy Transition in South Africa

FTI Consulting published a report on the Energy Transition in South Africa in February 2020, which covered the shape and pace of South Africa’s energy transition across the power, liquid fuels and mining sectors. A few weeks later, a somewhat distant health and economic shock in China and Europe rapidly became front and centre in […]

Évaluation des dommages dans les litiges relatifs au changement climatique

Les changements politiques, réglementaires et commerciaux induits par le changement climatique et la transition énergétique entraîneront des perturbations et des changements importants sur les marchés et dans les pratiques commerciales, ce qui engendrera sans aucun doute un nombre important de litiges dans les années à venir. L’accord de Paris sur le climat de 2015, signé […]

Webinar: Data Retention & Minimisation – Lessons Learned in 2020

Data retention and minimisation played a key role in numerous cases and enforcement actions throughout 2020. Worryingly, the range of infractions varied widely, teaching us that it is certainly an area that is very challenging for organisations to address. In this webinar, Nina Bryant joins a panel of experts from Exterro and Verisure to provide […]

The Modern Age

As businesses batten down to weather the implications of, and boost recovery from, the recent COVID-19 crisis, many are looking at strategic M&A to streamline, increase liquidity, divest the less functional edges of their corporate portfolio and merge with entities that strengthen their resilience. At the same time, across the globe, there is a trend […]

LNG Contract Renegotiation

An LNG producer faced a potential price review on a long term LNG sales and purchase contract with a Europe-based Buyer. FTI Consulting was retained by the Seller to conduct an independent assessment of the value of gas in the destination market and the value of LNG flexibility. FTI Consulting concluded on a potential value […]

Contribution à la transition écologique vers la neutralité carbone à moindre coût

Alors que les pays européens ne sont pas encore sortis de la pandémie du Covid-19, de plus en plus d’appels en faveur d’une « reprise verte » pour atteindre l’objectif de neutralité carbone d’ici 2050 émergent. Cependant, les politiques devront protéger les industries et les consommateurs d’une augmentation des coûts à la fois pendant la […]

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