Digital & Insights

The Digital & Insights practice sits at the centre of FTI Consulting’s integrated strategic communications offering. Our team supports corporate reputation, stakeholder relations and profile-raising programs through the innovative use of data, design, content and technology. The FTI Consulting Difference Our Digital & Insights team combines practical experience, digital expertise and creative thinking to offer […]

Singapore introduces mandatory data breach notification laws

On 1 February 2021, Singapore’s mandatory data breach notification laws took effect. If your organisation is based in Singapore or collects, uses, or discloses personal data in Singapore, and you experience a data breach, you may be required to notify the regulator and affected individuals. If you don’t comply, you may face fines of up […]

Privacy in a Pandemic – the Conundrum of COVID-19 Check-in Solutions

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when we were all grappling with the avalanche of concepts like ‘social distancing’ and ‘personal protective equipment’, the idea of contact tracing had many scratching their heads. In the age of automation, a manual process involving a team of people making calls and conducting interviews to find […]

Information Governance, Privacy & Security Services

Corporate data, whether stored on servers, in the cloud or on employee devices, presents new challenges and opportunities for your organisation. As data volumes increase, these challenges include safely and defensibly: — Mining corporate data to find and act upon key information quickly — Storing sensitive data, including client information and proprietary intellectual property — […]

Capturing the Value in Mobile Data

Insights for litigation and investigations reviews With the majority of Australians (89%) owning a mobile phone1 and many working from home, the use of mobile devices is part of everyday life. For litigation and investigations, this valuable evidence is not collected as regularly as it could be. We explore some of the technical challenges, identify […]

Webinar: Data Retention & Minimisation – Lessons Learned in 2020

Data retention and minimisation played a key role in numerous cases and enforcement actions throughout 2020. Worryingly, the range of infractions varied widely, teaching us that it is certainly an area that is very challenging for organisations to address. In this webinar, Nina Bryant joins a panel of experts from Exterro and Verisure to provide […]

The Modern Age

As businesses batten down to weather the implications of, and boost recovery from, the recent COVID-19 crisis, many are looking at strategic M&A to streamline, increase liquidity, divest the less functional edges of their corporate portfolio and merge with entities that strengthen their resilience. At the same time, across the globe, there is a trend […]

GDPR Compliance – The Unintended Consequences For Organisations

GDPR has made data protection a reality not only for heavily regulated industries but for all organisations.  Once seen purely as a legislative burden, GDPR compliance is now providing organisations with a range of benefits. The complexity of data means that today data protection requires collaboration between business, legal, IT, Information Security and DPOs, rather […]

Data management – from the basements to the boardroom

Data is a strategic asset and GDPR has raised the profile of data management from the basements to the boardroom and assigned a strategic value to understanding our data, how we use it, where we store it, how it flows between systems and processes and ultimately how long it should be retained and protected. In […]

The Changing e-Discovery Expectations of Corporate Clients

The traditional model was that clients instructed lawyers in a matter – a litigation case or a regulatory inquiry for example, and the lawyers then instructed experts at FTI Consulting to deal with the management of electronic data. That however, is changing explains Sam Farley in this video – it is not just litigation anymore […]

Wendy King talks about how Relativity works with FTI Consulting

Wendy King talks about the always-available infrastructure of RelativityOne which allows FTI’s consultants to focus on clients needs using whatever tools are suitable for a matter. Wendy places a particular emphasis on the training and support which FTI Consulting gets from Relativity.

Daryl Teshima talks about FTI Consulting’s relationship with Relativity

In this interview, Daryl Teshima talks about the significant benefits for clients in offering both industry-leading e-discovery and document review platforms Ringtail and Relativity in order to give clients the widest possible choice and also offers FTI’s experts a toolkit for solving problems big and small.

Craig Earnshaw on the changes in e-discovery over his long career

Craig Earnshaw has been working in FTI Consulting’s Technology segment for 10 years and had already spent ten years in the then-nascent e-discovery and Computer Forensics world before that. In this interview he talks about the changes which he has seen over that time, identifying three main changes. One is what he calls the “frequency […]

FTI Consulting’s Find Facts Fast approach to e-discovery

There is a danger of treating discovery as a purely formal process, something done simply in order to meet an obligation. As Craig Earnshaw puts it in this interview with Chris Dale, the identification of facts often appears as a mere by-product of that formal process.

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