Corporate data, whether stored on servers, in the cloud or on employee devices, presents new challenges and opportunities for your organisation.

As data volumes increase, these challenges include safely and defensibly:
— Mining corporate data to find and act upon key information quickly
— Storing sensitive data, including client information and proprietary intellectual property
— Securing data against internal and external threats
— Preparing information technology, compliance and legal teams for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
— Disposing of old or redundant data to reduce storage costs and reduce risk
— Migrating data to cloud applications (i.e. Microsoft 365, G Suite) and remediating information within legacy systems
— Updating litigation hold, preservation and e-discovery tools and processes for greater efficiency
— Ensuring proprietary data remains secure when employees leave, as companies acquire and divest assets, or in other similar circumstances
— Managing change within the organisation and providing effective communications and training on new processes
— Developing and implementing information governance policies that do not disrupt the business


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