Amid a global markets sell-off, in this week’s monitor FTI’s Senior Managing Director Joanne Wong provides practical advice for communications and IR professionals communicating coronavirus impact to internal and external audiences. With rows over executive pay packages hitting the headlines ahead of AGM season, FTI and CGLytics have published a research paper on regulation and investor expectations ahead of this year’s meetings. We note the passing of GE’s ‘Neutron Jack’ Welch who was famed in the corporate world for his tough approach to management: the FT reports that he demonstrated how much investors appreciate the companies that hit their numbers. On that theme we note IR Magazine’s coverage of BCG research showing a ‘communications gap’ between companies and their investors. CapX’s Tim Worstall tackles an upcoming report into the merits of ‘cooperative’ business models. And finally, are ESG metrics nonsense? We highlight concern within the investor community for contradictory company scores.

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