The Labour Party gathered in Liverpool this week for its third Party Conference with Jeremy Corbyn as leader. Emboldened following his 2017 general election performance and with an increased grip on the party machinery, Corbyn, John McDonnell and their teams are pitching for Downing Street. FTI Consulting provides a recap from the Conference.

As Labour Party leader, it is Jeremy Corbyn’s job to call the shots and wow the crowds. This was no better showcased than his appearance at Bongo’s Bingo to call the numbers for Labour’s Scouse Night at this week’s conference – it has been a tumultuous few years for Corbyn, but his numbers keep coming up. The first ‘regular’ conference for Corbyn following a run of surprising leadership elections, fractious in-fighting and a shock general election outcome, the 2018 conference came at a dangerous and uncertain time for the party as internal factions wonder if they can stay and work together as one cohesive party.

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