FTI Consulting’s client, one of the largest life sciences corporations in the world, was responding to government requests in the US, Canada and Europe, relating to its multi-billion dollar merger with a US-based corporation. As trusted advisors to the client, FTI’s M&A and competition investigation experts were ready to help.

FTI Consulting’s ability to mobilise globally on a vast scale made it possible for the client to meet every regulator deadline – for a total of more than a hundred productions – and ultimately gain approval for the merger. The centralised repository of data provided significant cost savings, consistency on major decision points across all requests and the ability to track almost 1,000 pieces of evidence. More than a million documents were produced to the DOJ to meet substantial compliance, and just under that were produced to the European Commission in just a few weeks. The use of predictive coding for some of these responses enabled the exclusion of non-responsive document sets, providing an estimated $4 million in cost savings for review and foreign language translation services.


For further information please contact Linda Bertolissio or Riina Rintanen.