My name is Salih Yuce and since March I have been intern-ing with our FLC team in Paris.

I am currently completing my first year of master in Economics and Public Policy at Sciences-Po’s School of Public Affairs. The curriculum allows for two professional experiences and I wanted my second one to be at a reputed international consultancy, which is why I applied to FTI’s Forensic and Litigation Consulting team.

(My first internship was with the Istanbul office of the French Treasury, which offered an interesting contrast to the dynamic pace of the private sector).

During the interview process the whole team took time to meet with me and share their on-the-job experience which really got me excited to come and join them. Luckily they hired me, and my experience here so far has been great.

I’ve been asked to work on a range of interesting cases, where my policy analysis skills have proven useful. In fact, given my wide range of interests in international affairs, public policy and business, my work at FLC has enabled me to understand the intricacies of politics, corporate governance issues and international affairs. The international nature of FTI’s work has also allowed me to use my French, English, Turkish and mandarin language skills.

This internship has also given me an insight into the corporate business world, which starkly contrasts with my own background. I am a 1st generation French citizen of Turkish origin, and my parents left Turkey to come to France in 1982 to offer their family a better prospects in life. But growing up in the northern suburbs of Paris is not the typical way in which someone is usually able to get into one of France’s most prestigious high-learning institutions, or to work for a top consultancy.

I have learnt so much in my short time here, and being able to work alongside some of the best professionals in their field has been a truly an enriching experience. It’s made me look forward to finishing my studies and starting my career!


For further information please contact Linda Bertolissio or Riina Rintanen.