Digital & Insights

The Digital & Insights practice sits at the centre of FTI Consulting’s integrated strategic communications offering. Our team supports corporate reputation, stakeholder relations and profile-raising programs through the innovative use of data, design, content and technology. The FTI Consulting Difference Our Digital & Insights team combines practical experience, digital expertise and creative thinking to offer […]

Déploiement des politiques ESG : le CAC 40 parmi les leaders en Europe

La pression croissante des investisseurs pour que les entreprises mènent des politiques ESG efficaces a conduit FTI Consulting à analyser leur déploiement au sein des grands indices européens. L’engagement ESG des entreprises est-il assorti d’un programme complet, d’objectifs tangibles et mesurables ainsi que d’un suivi efficace ? Quels sont les progrès accomplis en 2020 ? […]

Defining an equitable view of the workplace for women – South Africa

The Coronavirus pandemic presents an opportunity to redefine our workplaces to better reflect the diversity of our society. When activist Emmeline Pankhurst shackled herself to the railings over one hundred years ago, she was fighting a cause to give women equal relevance. As war struck, she made her fight for women relevant to the greater […]

Die COVID-19-Pandemie verzögert Projekte – Zu beobachten ist ein deutlicher Anstieg komplexer Streitfälle

Die Auswirkungen und Folgen der Corona-Krise werden nicht nur unsere Gesellschaft auf viele Jahre beschäftigen. Sie haben vielmehr zu einem Trend geführt, der sich bereits jetzt an einer steigenden Anzahl von Rechtstreitigkeiten bei Großprojekten zwischen Vertragspartnern oder Versicherern zeigt. Etwa, wenn es um die Implementierung von IT- und anderen komplexen Infrastrukturprojekten oder Bauvorhaben geht. Solche […]

Addressing corruption in South Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a multitude of governance failures around the world and led to increased calls for fundamental changes to our global political, economic and social systems. Against the backdrop of a looming global recession, addressing corruption and the misappropriation of state resources remains as important as ever. South Africa needs to take […]

Social Divide 2020: FTI Consulting’s ASX 100 Social Media Performance Index

The 9th edition of our Social Divide Index revealed that ASX 100 companies are posting less on social media to communicate their company’s financial results this year yet audiences are engaging more. Both retail and institutional investors are an integral audience for any listed company and the ability to connect with this audience across multiple […]

Virtual Shareholder Meetings

Virtual shareholder meetings, including Annual General Meetings, are becoming increasingly popular and often necessary for Australian companies. Available options are generally limited to costly outsourced fully integrated voting/meeting platforms, or simple do-it-yourself alternatives. FTI Consulting’s Strategic Communications practice provides a cost-effective solution for a professionally managed virtual shareholder meeting. The Need For Virtual Shareholder Meetings […]

FTI Consulting South Africa

FTI Consulting is an independent global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organisations manage change, mitigate risk and resolve disputes: financial, legal, operational, political & regulatory, reputational and transactional.

FTI Consulting - Time for Africa Step Up its Digital Transformation - Cover

Time for Africa to step up its digital transformation

Africa could be playing a far greater role in the development of the global digital economy but it requires bold decisions if the continent is to influence global affairs, the global economy and the global imagination. This was the vision of economic change outlined in The Economist’s special Report on The African Century (May 2020). […]

Global Trade Regulatory services

The impact of COVID-19 on African countries resulted in unprecedented fiscal demands for governments already subjected to increased health, socio-political and economic risks. The challenges of balancing economic recovery with effective revenue collection efforts leads to increased scrutiny of taxpayers in highly regulated industries e.g. oil and gas, mining, alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Mounting fiscal […]

Rebuilding Trust After Cyber Attack - Article

Rebuilding trust after cyber attack

Globalisation, investor activism, regulatory change, political and cyber risk are all contributing to increased business vulnerability which is amplifying the need for companies to carefully consider their ability to respond effectively. These mounting risks coupled with the always-on nature of the news cycle mean that companies face round-the-clock scrutiny.

The New T&Cs of Investor Relations: An open letter to the CFO

The coronavirus pandemic will result in increased scrutiny on how your company treats employees, clients, and the wider community. This scrutiny creates an imperative to embrace new levels of transparency and compassion (T&C) when communicating with your investors. In this short article, we speculate on the impact of the pandemic on investor relations and make […]

Managing Succession under COVID-19

Everyone, whether a corporate conglomerate, an international company, a national supermarket chain, or even the corner coffee shop, recognises a new world order has been ushered in by the COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t know how this new world order will affect businesses just yet, despite the many critiques and research papers, nor we do we […]

IR Weekly – 4 May 2020

This week we take a look at; considerations for making the most of your virtual AGM; moves towards improving disclosures around short-selling; the SEC’s U-turn in curbing the power of proxy advisors; and Wetherspoons’ latest funding round excluding small shareholders. Finally, we consider why the stock market is showing resilience despite the worst economic plunge […]

Weathering the COVID-19 storm: How the construction services industry can fight back

COVID-19 is battering the already weakened construction industry. Construction companies not only need to respond rapidly to the current situation, but also need to draw longer term plans to adjust to the ‘new normal’ post COVID-19. In this latest piece of emerging thinking from our EMEA Business Transformation team, we explore how the industry has […]

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