In today’s connected world, enterprise software plays a pivotal role in every business, providing a digital platform for an organisation to operate, and connecting multiple businesses, sectors and even governments. The ability these software platforms provide to digitally transact and exchange information in real-time led to the global boom in commerce and transformed the way the whole world does business.

Major software publishers such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and SAP are at the forefront of this innovation wave and as such, are constantly upgrading their software portfolio and licensing models to reflect market requirements and trends. This means that businesses looking to make or optimise software investments have a plethora of product and licensing options to choose from. It is therefore very important for purchasers to understand their business needs before sorting through the varied software options available.

Software license contracting can be a complex and daunting process. However, with the help of licensing experts such as FTI Consulting, organisations can identify their exact needs and make sense of the fine print to cut costs and recognise value.

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