Sustainability is now being regularly discussed by Boards as a key part of the corporate strategic agenda. One year into the UN’s Decade of Action, with the COP26 Climate and the COP15 Biodiversity Summits and increased scrutiny by policymakers and regulators, activities have started to pick up speed. 2021 will require practical change beyond pledges and promises – but what should you be doing next?

In collaboration with DLA Piper, FTI Consulting’s Global Insurance Services team recently ran a webinar to discuss:

  • What are the most important items for insurers on the sustainability agenda in 2021
  • How insurers can build and maintain momentum to implement sustainability strategies in their business
  • What insurers require from policymakers and regulators to enable this process
  • How insurers can drive the global climate agenda and contribute to COP26

Our panellists included:

For further information please contact Linda Bertolissio or Riina Rintanen.