The Coronavirus pandemic is having a radical impact on business operating models and ways of working. Employees are adapting and finding new ways to interact with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Technology has enabled flexible remote working for people at a scale never previously tested and has provided new routes to market. Business continuity has been demonstrated through leveraging existing online platforms and migrating sales from physical outlets.

Operating models which have favoured low-cost over flexibility and resilience are being challenged and are seeking support from Government bailout packages, access to finance and furlough programmes. Businesses are being forced to test and trial new ways of working, and to design a future fit operating model – adapted and prepared for a “new normal”.

In this piece of emerging thinking from the Business Transformation team at FTI Consulting, ‘The New Normal: How business could transform post COVID-19’, we consider the rapidly changing dynamics which are affecting businesses’ People & Processes, Technology and Operating Assets. We also consider sectors that we envisage will see the greatest impacts – including retail, telecoms and construction – and what steps key players are taking to ensure they are well-positioned.

In our view, now is the time for businesses to test and trial new ways of working and to consider evolving their long-term future operating models in a way that combines resilience with automation and cost-efficiency.

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