Business Interruption Insurance in the COVID-19 Era

What are the key challenges for insurance companies in responding to the outcome of the FCA’s COVID-19 business interruption insurance test case? FTI Consulting’s Romy Comiter and Najia Mukhtar explore in the latest issue of Risk & Compliance magazine. This article has been reprinted with kind permission from Risk & Compliance magazine.

COVID-19 Resilience Barometer South Africa

FTI Consulting’s Resilience Barometer™ data reveals how, for too many organisations in South Africa, the pandemic has exposed a lack of resilience across critical areas: from business models, to supply chains, and from crisis management to regulatory changes in an increasingly fragmented world. “Whatever the business, industry or geography, a collective understanding of resilience is […]

Die COVID-19-Pandemie verzögert Projekte – Zu beobachten ist ein deutlicher Anstieg komplexer Streitfälle

Die Auswirkungen und Folgen der Corona-Krise werden nicht nur unsere Gesellschaft auf viele Jahre beschäftigen. Sie haben vielmehr zu einem Trend geführt, der sich bereits jetzt an einer steigenden Anzahl von Rechtstreitigkeiten bei Großprojekten zwischen Vertragspartnern oder Versicherern zeigt. Etwa, wenn es um die Implementierung von IT- und anderen komplexen Infrastrukturprojekten oder Bauvorhaben geht. Solche […]

Addressing corruption in South Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a multitude of governance failures around the world and led to increased calls for fundamental changes to our global political, economic and social systems. Against the backdrop of a looming global recession, addressing corruption and the misappropriation of state resources remains as important as ever. South Africa needs to take […]

Managing Coronavirus Relief Lending Risk

Many countries have introduced programmes to help distribute relief funds and emergency loans to help businesses stay afloat during the crisis. While these programmes are critical to bolstering economic stability, they were also created quickly and under pressure. One inadvertent result has been an emerging uncertainty among financial institutions about the long-term outlook for how […]

Evolutions de la perception de l’ESG par les investisseurs institutionnels pendant la crise de la COVID-19

La pandémie de COVID-19 a eu des répercussions considérables sur la santé publique, les comportements individuels et l’économie mondiale. Au cours de cette période, l’importance de l’ESG a été soulignée tant par les entreprises que par les pouvoirs publics, les investisseurs ou les médias. L’étude réalisée par FTI Consulting propose un aperçu des principales tendances […]

A snapshot of COVID-19 related unemployment in South Africa

COVID-19 and the consequent economic effects have meant significant job losses for the people of South Africa. Many families have been affected, and our future generation (the youth) are affected both immediately and in the long run. The impact of COVID-19 on access to education has been significant and disproportionately affected learners in poorer households. […]

COVID-19 Safe Harbour – I just spent six months in a leaky boat…

No one expected these immortal words by Split Enz to be so relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that is exactly how some directors may be left feeling regarding the requirements to qualify for protection from trading while insolvent under the COVID-19 Safe Harbour provisions. NAVIGATING COVID-19 When COVID-19 hit Australia, it created a crisis […]

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART) COVID-19 Report, July 2020

A Pro Bono report commissioned by the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART). This report investigates the impact that COVID-19 is having on the economy, health infrastructure and ongoing conflicts present in seven countries/ self-proclaimed autonomous regions in which HART is currently running projects: Burma (Myanmar); Nagorno-Karabakh; Nigeria; Sudan; South Sudan; Syria; Uganda. The research was […]

La COVID-19 secoue le secteur de l’energie, avec des conflits à l’horizon

La COVID-19 affecte considérablement les marchés mondiaux de l’énergie, avec une réduction drastique de la demande et des prix depuis le début de la crise. L’incertitude règne sur l’évolution des marchés de l’énergie. Tous les secteurs économiques sont touchés par les effets du virus. Dans le secteur de l’énergie, cela s’est traduit par une importante […]

Transparence & Compassion, les relations investisseurs après la pandémie: Une lettre ouverte aux Directeurs financiers et aux RI

La pandémie du coronavirus exige une surveillance accrue de la manière dont votre entreprise traite ses employés, ses clients et la société au sens large. Il est donc impératif d’adopter de nouvelles mesures de Transparence et de Compassion (T&C) pour la communication avec les investisseurs. Dans cet article, nous analysons l’impact de la pandémie sur […]

FTI Consulting - Review of India's Contact-Tracing App - Cover

Review of India’s Contact-Tracing App

The Government of India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) agency launched Aarogya Setu, a contact-tracing mobile application. Aarogya Setu has been created by the National Informatic Centre (NIC) in response to the COVID-19 crisis, as a way to collect and understand public health-related data. (1) The application uses mobile phones to perform a […]

Insurance as a force for good in uncertain times

It may be too optimistic to see the next few months as the rebound from COVID-19. As I write, we are beyond the initial peak in infection rate in many countries. Nevertheless, Latin America faces an up-surge and we watch to see if lockdowns can be lifted without unduly risking a second wave. Perhaps it […]

Business interruption insurance: can trust be restored?

As lockdown eases and the economy attempts to rebound from COVID-19, insurers will be left with not only the financial fallout but the significant task of restoring their reputation and rebuilding customer trust, confidence and satisfaction whilst under the FCA “spotlight”. Independent assurance demonstrating that COVID-19 related Business Interruption claims were ultimately resolved fairly and […]

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