Strengthening Cyber Resilience in the Wake of the Pandemic in South Africa

Recent data from FTI  Consulting’s 2021 Resilience  Barometer—which draws on  insights from business  professionals in South Africa  and globally regarding the  major commercial,  technological, reputational  and legal challenges of the  last year—confirmed that this  increase in risk has not been  adequately addressed by most  corporations in South Africa Cybersecurity remains a significant concern for businesses […]

Assessing Damages for Breach of Contract

FTI Consulting’s Karthik Balisagar and Tim Battrick authored a chapter for the fourth edition of Global Arbitration Review’s “The Guide to Damages in International Arbitration” on the assessment of damages for breach of contract. Contracting parties usually expect to obtain an economic benefit from the contracts that they enter. Where those contracts are breached, the […]

A Tale of Two Crowns

Coronaviruses are named for the crown-like spikes on their surface. The combination of the “Two Crowns” – COVID-19 alongside the return of Crown Preference – will result in a significantly more material impact than was originally intended, given the COVID-19 VAT deferral scheme which has resulted in over £28bn of cumulative VAT deferrals. In this […]

Addressing corruption in South Africa – Whistle-blower protections

Are whistle-blowers protected as they take on South African’s corruption crisis? South Africa is experiencing a corruption crisis and whistle-blowers could play a crucial role in addressing this. But the socio-political context is hostile to whistle-blowing and South Africans who witness fraud and corruption often prefer to remain silent for fear of reprisal. On 5th […]

Q&A: Javier García-Chappell Discusses M&A and Litigation Trends and FTI’s Growing Presence in Spain

Senior Director Javier García-Chappell joined FTI Technology’s EMEA team late last year, with the focus of expanding the segment’s presence in Iberia. With nearly two decades of experience assisting clients with digital forensics investigations, cyber incident and response cases, e-discovery, data review, investigations, IP disputes and fraud matters, he brings a dynamic background to the […]

Forging a path out of lockdown

South Africa’s economy is in dire straits. Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) reported a 2019 Q4 unemployment rate (narrowly defined) of 29.1%. Including discouraged workers, unemployment rises to just over 38.7%. This reflects the fact that the South African economy is in a technical recession following two consecutive quarters of GDP contraction (-0.8% in Q3 of […]

What is the path to an economic restart in South Africa?

The first case of COVID-19 in South Africa was reported on 5 March 2020. Three features of COVID-19 have led to a global pandemic with disastrous economic consequences: It is a completely new virus. We have only known about the virus for approximately 4 months. This means that at the time of the virus’s discovery, […]

COVID-19 and the resilience of the Australian economy

The health emergency triggered by the rising number of coronavirus cases in Australia is resulting in an unprecedented reorganisation of work and leisure. Understandably, the community is concerned about what the future might hold for its health and the economy. Much has been written on the potential macro-economic consequences, including our own commentary on supply-chain […]

FTI Consulting - Mining Sustainability in South Africa - Cover

Mining Sustainability in South Africa

This article gives an overview of the pivotal role of South Africa in the global mining industry and how mining has supported South Africa’s industrial development by contributing to growth, investment, employment and foreign exchange. In recent years, the South African mining industry has been in the doldrums and this has led commentators to ask […]

Shaping the circular economy

Debate around climate change, population growth and the scarcity of resources have intensified, focussed minds and led to action: from Zero Plastic or Zero Waste movements driven by consumers to research by companies into new ways to recycle waste, society is leaving linearity behind and embracing a model based on reduce, reuse and recycle. This […]

Political Instability is the New Normal in Spain

Spain is currently under a period of political instability. The acting Social Democratic government – winner of April’s general election with 7.5 million votes and more than 28% of the vote share – was not able to reach an agreement with left-wing Podemos or liberal Ciudadanos, condemning the country to hold its fourth general election […]

National Treasury’s Economic Policy Paper: Select Review

South Africa’s National Treasury released an Economic Policy Paper on 27 August for public comment in pursuit of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s undertakings to improve South Africa’s competitiveness as an investment and export destination. Our expert gives his view on the key proposals in the document.

Forensic technology a critical tool to rooting out corruption in Africa

If countries on the African continent want to successfully attract the investment required for inclusive growth, the respective governments and private sector players must take urgent action to tackle corruption. There are a number of ways African governments can seize the opportunity to use forensic technology to root out fraudulent activity, improve  governance and bring […]

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