The case for a code of conduct for software licence audits

Almost all software licenses include a provision for the audit of a customer by the vendor to check whether usage complies with the rights acquired.  Globally, there are thousands of such audits every year, conducted by vendors and by third parties on their behalf and billions of dollars change hands as a result. Customers dislike […]

Defining an equitable view of the workplace for women – South Africa

The Coronavirus pandemic presents an opportunity to redefine our workplaces to better reflect the diversity of our society. When activist Emmeline Pankhurst shackled herself to the railings over one hundred years ago, she was fighting a cause to give women equal relevance. As war struck, she made her fight for women relevant to the greater […]

Agribusiness Turnaround Solutions

FTI Consulting has a dedicated Agribusiness team that is highly experienced in assisting family farming businesses and their stakeholders, successfully deal with financial and operational issues. They genuinely understand the broader challenges of the sector and the difficult situations faced by many family farming businesses. Our Agribusiness specialists assist clients in addressing a range of […]

High Grade Financial Management for Mining Businesses

Our mining finance specialists bring strategic insight and practical understanding to the financial and commercial optimisation of mining businesses. With an appreciation of orebody value and knowing “what good looks like” in mine financial and commercial systems, our experts deliver pragmatic solutions to drive business improvement. Experience To Support Your Business Improvement  With decades of […]

The Strategic Importance of Working Capital Management

Since the GFC, working capital management has been seen by Boards, C-Suites, and leadership teams as a major strategic enabler. COVID-19 has again put the focus squarely on how companies use their cash to maximise their performance, but also to reinforce the whole ecosystem of suppliers and buyers that supports them. Smart companies are now […]

Virtual Shareholder Meetings

Virtual shareholder meetings, including Annual General Meetings, are becoming increasingly popular and often necessary for Australian companies. Available options are generally limited to costly outsourced fully integrated voting/meeting platforms, or simple do-it-yourself alternatives. FTI Consulting’s Strategic Communications practice provides a cost-effective solution for a professionally managed virtual shareholder meeting. The Need For Virtual Shareholder Meetings […]

Managing Your Software Assets in the New World of COVID-19

Life endures even in the most difficult situations—and it adapts and evolves to meet new challenges. Now, as we watch, and fight back against the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, we are arriving at the very edge of an evolution, a new future, a new workspace model that tackles today’s limitations. With COVID-19 leading to lockdowns, […]

FTI Consulting - Mining Sustainability in South Africa - Cover

Mining Sustainability in South Africa

This article gives an overview of the pivotal role of South Africa in the global mining industry and how mining has supported South Africa’s industrial development by contributing to growth, investment, employment and foreign exchange. In recent years, the South African mining industry has been in the doldrums and this has led commentators to ask […]

Destination: safe harbour

The Australian safe harbour legislation came into effect in September 2017. The objective of safe harbour is to promote entrepreneurialism and foster a turnaround culture to save businesses, rather than allow them to fail. In this video Joseph Hansell talks about the reality of its use, who is leveraging it and how FTI Consulting can […]

Deal announcement – Project Marathon

The Mergers and Acquisitions team at FTI Consulting South Africa are delighted to announce the successful completion of Project Marathon. As exclusive Transaction Advisors to the sellers, the scope of our services included indicative pricing, preparation of sale marketing documentation, deal origination through the introduction of appropriate potential buyers (both trade and financial investors), facilitation […]

Optimising Opportunity During Complex Software License Contract Renewals

In today’s connected world, enterprise software plays a pivotal role in every business, providing a digital platform for an organisation to operate, and connecting multiple businesses, sectors and even governments. The ability these software platforms provide to digitally transact and exchange information in real-time led to the global boom in commerce and transformed the way […]

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